When in Rome…

What we needed was at least another week in Rome. There was so much to discover.

Rome has such a lovely rhythm. It bustles but it’s not too chaotic. It seems the Roman way is to make time to enjoy the small moments. Going about their business people in Rome stop to chat, have a coffee… there is a feeling that it is important to just stop and enjoy.

When in Rome it is great to appreciate the small stuff: an espresso with a delicious pastry, a gelato, a glass of Prosecco outdoors in a beautiful piazza or a glimpse of something special down an ancient lane… like the Pantheon…

We walked and walked all over the historic centre of Rome and saw so many things of beauty. My husband is an architect so he led us by some amazing architectural wonders – of which in Rome there are plenty.

For me the best moments were when around a corner you’d spot something that you weren’t expecting.

There is quite a long list of “must sees” & “must dos” for when we next visit Rome. Along with plenty of time for enjoying the small moments.

Travel Notes:

Excellent value is the government sponsored Roma Pass which for Euro 30 gives you free admission to two main tourist attractions, discounted admission to other tourist attractions plus 3 days unlimited travel on the city transport network of buses, trains & trams. Click here for the official website.

Near the Pantheon is it worth finding the tiny Piazza della Maddalena where delicious set lunch menus are on offer at restaurant Clemente Alla Maddalena.

We enjoyed staying in the Centro Storico (historic centre) as it meant we could walk everywhere. Click here to read about the apartment we rented.


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