About Travellou

“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.”  Jane Austen

Welcome to my blog. It’s about travel. And food. And culture. And sharing the places I am lucky enough to visit.

It’s also about creating a record of our family’s adventures, both here at home in Australia and abroad.

First confession: I’m a “soft” traveller. If you are looking for news about danger zones or backpacking then this is not the place. I don’t do camping. I don’t like roughing it. But I do like good coffee, delicious food, cultural experiences and comfortable accommodation (preferably a room with a view).

When I was a little girl of 8 my parents packed up and took my sister and I on a 4 month road trip around the UK and Europe. Dad bought a camper van in London and christened it The Galloping Roo. On the side of the van he made a picture of the Roo so that everywhere we went people might recognise us as proud Aussies. It was quite an experience for two little girls and our parents – though I have no idea how my mum coped “homemaking” in the confines of a camper van for such a long stretch of time. I have many fantastic memories from that amazing trip.

So I suppose I was bitten by the travel bug from an early age.

I fit into the (large) category of Australians who as soon as possible after school or university (perhaps having saved money like I did working at “Al Yee’s Chinese Restaurant”) head directly to the nearest International Airport Departures Terminal and hot foot it to Europe or Asia or America.

When I was 18 and on a “gap year”, my parents thought it would do me good to go on a group tour of Europe. I was on my own in the big wide world for the first time and I loved it. Next trip was a 3 month backpacking adventure through India and Nepal. It was the most confronting and incredible experience I had ever had. After finishing University I immediately sold my car and jumped on a flight to the USA where I feel in deep love with New York City.

It was inevitable that I fulfil the ultimate Aussie adventure: living abroad.

I spent nearly 5 years living in London – taking side trips when I could around the UK, to Europe and Ireland.

There in London I met my Scottish husband. My love affair with Scotland seemed to start with the Bay City Rollers but really it’s in my genes; with my Scottish ancestry I must have been destined to fall in love with a Scottish man. Luckily for me my husband loves life here in Australia and agrees it is the perfect place to raise our daughter and son.

After years living in Sydney we made a “sea” change and now enjoy a great life in regional New South Wales (but not too far from Sydney) and we continue our journeys of discovery together. I hope to tell you a bit about what we get up to here.


Lou x

All Content is © Travellou, unless otherwise stated


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